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High Bay LED Fixture Tool-less Entry

Quick Information

The end caps and top panel of the High Bay Fixture were redesigned to allow easy access to the LED Driver.  This means that instead of having to take the fixture down if the driver fails, that a new driver may be sent and easily installed.  Not only does it allow the customer to more easily service the fixture themselves, it also allows for much cheaper shipping of a replacement part than for an entire fixture to be sent.

The video and pictures to the side of this show just how easy it is to access the LED driver now.  If there are any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask.

Step 1: Press the Snap-Button down to disengage.

Step 2: Slide access panel through the end of the fixture to access LED driver.  Rivet that holds the Snap-Button in place will prevent over-sliding.  LED driver may then be removed with 5/16” hex driver.

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